The Future of Nuclear in the U.S.

By Christine Todd Whitman Politico March 31, 2011 As a leading advocate for nuclear energy, it saddens me to see the news from Japan. Nuclear engineers, working under extremely dangerous circumstances, are in an hourly struggle to prevent disaster at that nation’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The stakes could not be higher. [...]

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On Our Radar: Don’t Tear Down E.P.A., Former Agency Chiefs Urge

By John Collins Rudolf New York Times Green Blog March 28, 2011 The Republican assault on the Environmental Protection Agency, including a proposed bill to repeal the agency’s recent finding that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases pose a threat to human health and welfare, goes too far, write two former E.P.A. chiefs, both appointed by Republican presidents. “Amid the virulent attacks on the E.P.A. driven by concern about overregulation, it is easy to forget how far we have come in the past 40 years,” William D. Ruckelshaus and Christine Todd Whitman write. “We should take heart from all this progress and not, as some in Congress have suggested, seek to tear down the agency that the president and Congress created to protect America’s health and environment.” [The Washington Post] [...]

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