Immigrants: Potential Future Republicans

By Christine Todd Whitman June 27, 2013 It is discouraging to read quotes from conservatives who frame the immigration debate solely from the perspective of partisanship: the fear of turning the border states into Democrat strongholds. What about the loss to the economy of not turning people into taxpayers, the young people who came here, not of their own volition, who we educated and now want to contribute? The issues at stake – to say nothing of the millions of lives that hang in the balance – are not traditionally liberal ones; they are issues of fiscal prudence. [...]

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The Lautenberg-Vitter chemicals bill is bipartisan progress

By Christine Todd Whitman The Hill's Congress Blog June 27, 2013 As governor of New Jersey and later as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, I grew very familiar with the chemical industry. New Jersey ranks in the top ten chemical producing states in the country. It is home to several major chemical manufacturing companies. At EPA, I oversaw the federal programs that evaluate and regulate industrial chemicals and how they are used. My strong support for chemical safety, as well as chemical site security, reflects my many years of experience with this important part of our nation’s infrastructure. [...]

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Wasting Legislative Energy

By Christine Todd Whitman June 19, 2013 With the budget, spending and the debt ceiling all still very much a concern for our nation, House Republicans spent Tuesday passing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The legislation makes exceptions for victims of rape and incest as long as they first report the crime to authorities, a change to the prior legislation that had no such reporting requirement in those situations. [...]

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Ex-NJ governor defends Christie: Oct. election lets voters focus on Senate race

By Jessica Taylor MSNBC June 14, 2013 New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been criticized for his decision to hold a costly October special election for the state’s open Senate seat rather than a concurrent vote with his own November re-election. But one of his GOP predecessors says it may have been the best choice to make sure the contest to succeed the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg gets top billing. [...]

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New York can lead the way in campaign finance reform

By Howard Dean and Christine Todd Whitman CNN June 13, 2013 (CNN) -- As former governors, we were honored to serve the people of our respective states. While we represent different political parties, we are united in our belief that government has stopped working for the American people -- and that real reform of the electoral process is needed to get it back on track. [...]

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The governors Christie: The GOP that was, and is

By Joe Kavesh MontclaireTimes June 1, 2013 With Montclair's political attention focused on the 34th District State Senate Democratic primary between incumbent Nia Gill and challenger Mark Alexander - both Montclair residents - it was easy to miss that former two-term Gov. Christie Whitman came to town on May 28 to discuss the state of the Republican party, Gov. Chris Christie's electoral prospects (both in New Jersey and nationally) and the chasm that exists between Democratic and Republican leaders. [...]

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