The Record: Brava, Whitman

The Record December 18, 2015 CHRISTIE HAS something to say. And in this case it is not Governor Christie, but former Gov. Christie Whitman. In a scathing opinion piece published by Politico on Wednesday and in an interview with Record Washington Correspondent Herb Jackson published Thursday, Whitman pulls no punches when it comes to the candidacy of Donald Trump and the current state of the Republican Party. [...]

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The Republican Party Must Defeat Trump Now

Politico Magazine By Christine Todd Whitman December 16, 2015 Every few generations a political party has to define itself. Now is that moment for the Republican Party. Until recently the GOP has been seen in Washington as the “party of no.” Now it is being defined as the party of extreme. While the U.S. may be yearning for definitive leadership from a president, the use of hate and fear tactics by so many of the GOP presidential candidates is not the answer. [...]

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How climate change became so politicized

CBS NEWS By Brian Mastroianni December 3, 2015 During a news conference at the COP21 climate conference in Paris on Tuesday, President Obama had some words for the Republicans hoping to win his job: "Everyone else is taking climate change really seriously." In other countries, he said, "They think it's a really big problem. It spans political parties." [...]

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