Trump administration’s war on science has hit ‘crisis point’, experts warn

Governor Whitman joins a nonpartisan task force of former government officials to denounce the Trump administration's treatment of science.

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For Scientific Integrity in Government, Fix Political Appointments Process

Writer Viola Gienger highlights Governor Whitman's work in bipartisan task force which found that many senior U.S. officials over the past three presidential administrations subsumed scientific integrity to their political or personal interests.

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Under Trump, the integrity of government research is in shambles

Regardless of President Trump’s fate in the impeachment inquiry, his presidency has exposed serious fissures in our system of government that require repair — especially when it comes to the integrity of government research.

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Bipartisan Report Says Trump’s Abuse Has Pushed Federal Science to a ‘Crisis’

All presidents over the past two decades have nudged science to support their policies, but a report out of N.Y.U. said the Trump administration has driven federal science to a “crisis point.”

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