Orlando Sentinel/The Hill/Huffington Post
December 13, 2010

It seems not everyone in the Republican Party is backing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman took aim at Ms. Palin on Sunday, saying the Republican Party leader cannot win a presidential election.

“I don’t think she’ll win nationwide,” Ms. Whitman said.

The former New Jersey Republican governor added that Ms. Palin could serve as an energizer for the base. Ms. Whitman added that the Alaska Republican cannot “compete for the center.”

The comments follow Ms. Palin’s trip down to Haiti. Ms. Palin visited the country as part of a humanitarian project following a cholera outbreak.

Ms. Whitman said Ms. Palin’s early exit from office in Alaska did little to help her cause as a possible presidential candidate. The New Jersey Republican said she remains unsure if she would support a Palin presidential run.