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U.S. Energy Policy Needs to Set Goals Without Meddling

By Christine Todd Whitman
The Wall Street Jounrnal
September 30, 2014

CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN: Our government should finally pass an energy policy that sets the goal of having a clean and green environment, but policy makers should not try to pick the specific strategies for accomplishing that goal. Such a policy should advocate for a clean, green, reliable and affordable energy mix, and then let the marketplace figure out what are the most economically viable options within the existing alternatives.

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Fixing urban water infrastructure key for N.J.

By James J. Florio and Christine Todd Whitman
July 15, 2014

New Jersey’s cities are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with many urban centers recently posting population gains after decades of steady decline. Young people, in particular, want to live and work in vibrant downtowns and are voting with their feet. Employers are responding by relocating to urban areas in order to attract this talent pool.

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Statement by Governor Whitman Regarding Howard Baker

Howard Baker’s passing reminds us of what rare gift he was, especially in contrast to the acrimoniously partisan atmosphere that prevails in Washington today. Even as our party increasingly demanded idealogical purity, his willingness to compromise changed the country for the better. He will be sorely missed and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Republican EPA Chiefs to Congress: Act on Climate

By Dina Cappiello
Associated Press
June 23, 2014

Top environmental regulators for four Republican presidents told Congress on Wednesday what many Republican lawmakers won’t: Action is needed on global warming.

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4 former Republican EPA chiefs laud power plant rule in Senate hearing: E&E News

By Jean Chemnick
E&E News
June 18, 2014

Four former Republican U.S. EPA administrators praised the agency’s climate change rule for existing power plants today in a Senate hearing room packed with coal miners expressing fear that the proposal would strangle their industry.

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Reagan, Nixon, and Bush Officials Push Congress to Act on Global Warming

By Jason Plautz
National Journal
June 18, 2014

Cabinet members from four Republican administrations Wednesday made a plea for federal action to address climate change, citing new evidence that public opinion is shifting in favor of it.

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Republican former EPA chiefs press Congress to act on climate change

By Andrew Restuccia
June 18, 2014

Four Republican former EPA chiefs called on Congress on Wednesday to combat climate change, challenging GOP lawmakers’ hostility to measures that would rein in carbon pollution.

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The Climate Is Changing. Republicans Need to Open Their Eyes Before It’s Too Late.

By Christine Todd Whitman
May 14, 2014

This week, two teams of scientists announced that the West Antarctic ice sheet has begun collapsing, beginning what they call an “unstoppable” process that could raise sea levels by as much as 15 feet over time. “This is really happening,” Thomas P. Wagner, one of the researchers, told the New York Times. “There’s nothing to stop it now.”

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We can do better, still

By Christine Todd Whitman and Ron Kirk
The Hill
April 25, 2014

As we recognize Earth Day this week, we are reminded that it is more than a day on the calendar, it is a turning point when Americans came together and said, “We can do better.”

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The Threat to the Palisades

By Brendan T. Byrne, Thomas H. Kean, James J. Florio and Christine Todd Whitman
The New York Times
March 24, 2014

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