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Nuclear threat

Blog Entry #5
By Christine Todd Whitman
February 28, 2017

For those of us old enough to remember school bomb drills or the Cuban Missile crisis, the idea of another nuclear arms race is terrifying. It doesn’t take many nuclear weapons to destroy the world as we know it and President Trump’s loose talk about building up our nuclear arsenal may unleash forces that he will be unable to stop.

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Stop it!

Blog Entry #4
By Christine Todd Whitman
February 7, 2017

STOP IT. That’s what the American people were saying in the last election. Stop the hyper partisanship that has rendered Congress virtually stagnant. Stop the name calling and “tit for tat” approach to governing and start solving the country’s problems.

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Keeping America safe

Blog Entry #3
By Christine Todd Whitman
January 31, 2017

We all want to keep America safe and, fortunately, our security forces have been doing a pretty good job of that. Most of the attacks to which we have been subjected have come from home grown radicals or people with an history of mental or emotional issues. Our security forces need to continue to improve how they share information and develop more refined indicators of those who appear to be open to radicalization.

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A president’s right

Blog Entry #2
By Christine Todd Whitman
January 8, 2017

Every president has the right, and obligation, to place in nomination for their cabinet his or her own choices of who will reflect their policy priorities. Equally, the senate has the right and obligation to vet and vote on those nominations. The president should be given deference in his choices and, equally, the senate confirmation process needs to be thorough and respected.

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A lasting legacy

Blog Entry #1
By Christine Todd Whitman
August 18, 2016

The Republican Party can arguably be said to have done the greatest service to the nation when it nominated Abraham Lincoln. Now, however, it might be accused of having done the greatest disservice in having nominated Donald Trump. Far from trying to keep the nation together, Trump is doing everything he can to undermine the legitimacy of our electoral system and, in the process, giving license to fringe organizations to take matters into their own hands. Our founding fathers said that if democracy fails, it will be from within, and I fear we risk seeing that unfold in our day. Whatever happens on election day, we face the high likelihood of a nation divided. True conservatives value the Constitution and our electoral process – how we handle that division will determine our lasting legacy.