Racism, tensions being exacerbated by rhetoric coming out of White House

June 3rd, 2020|

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman on the role of governors amid recent protests and unrest throughout the U.S., and increased pressure from the Trump administration to act.

Weld collects endorsements in presidential campaign

February 10th, 2020|

As he aims for an upset win in New Hampshire over President Donald Trump, William Weld over the weekend secured the endorsement of former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a moderate Republican whose tenure in office overlapped with Weld's.

Trump administration’s war on science has hit ‘crisis point’, experts warn

October 3rd, 2019|

The treatment of science by the Trump administration has hit a “crisis point” where research findings are manipulated for political gain, special interests are given improper influence and scientists are targeted for ideological reasons, a nonpartisan taskforce of former government officials has warned.

For Scientific Integrity in Government, Fix Political Appointments Process

October 3rd, 2019|

The list of scandals featuring senior U.S. officials who subsumed scientific integrity to their political or personal interests numbers 60 entries in a new report from a bipartisan task force that traced practices under the past three presidents.

Bipartisan Report Says Trump’s Abuse Has Pushed Federal Science to a ‘Crisis’

October 3rd, 2019|

All presidents over the past two decades have nudged science to support their policies, but a report out of N.Y.U. said the Trump administration has driven federal science to a “crisis point.”

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman: Hard for moderate Republicans to find home in current GOP

May 14th, 2019|

In her visit to The Hermitage on Wednesday, New Jersey's former governor will speak on why when honoring our history we should look at the "good, the bad and the ugly."

Christie Whitman talks EPA & Fluid Politics

March 20th, 2019|

"On episode 68 of Sourcing Matters we welcome Governor Christine Todd Whitman, the Vice Chair of the Eisenhower Fellowships board of Trustees. Joining as co-host is Eisenhower Fellow, Jennifer Hashley – the founder of the The New Entry Sustainable Farming project, and Pete & Jen’s Backyard Birds."

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