Christine Todd Whitman: Scott Pruitt is unfit to run the EPA

By Christine Todd Whitman The Hill April 27, 2018 Scott Pruitt’s ethical tone deafness has, ironically, come across loud and clear. The rule he signed this week targeting what he called “secret science” serves as yet further evidence of his inability to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with ethical integrity. In fact, the new rule is a surefire way to kill science at the agency as it de-incentivizes the private sector to share proprietary studies with the EPA. [...]

Opinion: Trump as a leader: It will take more than one good speech Christine Todd Whitman February 2, 2018 President Donald Trump delivered a commendable and uncharacteristically presidential State of the Union address on Tuesday. He came out of the gate as a proud American, but also with sincerity (a quality he has lacked over the course of his first year in office). On the whole, his address was well-crafted, and he proudly shared individual stories of grit and bravery, propounding a gentler and more appetizing “America first” mentality. Trump went on to say, “Americans love their country. And they deserve a government that shows them the same love and loyalty in return.” [...]

Trump abuses show we must turn traditions into laws: Bharara and Whitman

USA Today By Preet Bharara and Christine Todd Whitman January 29, 2018 One year into the Trump presidency, it’s clear that the norms and boundaries traditionally guiding American political behavior have deeply eroded. That matters greatly. A workable democracy can thrive only when there are basic rules, often unwritten, that curb abuse and guide policymakers. Though the two of us are from different political parties, we both believe that now is the time to ensure the president and all our public officials adhere to basic rules of the road. It’s time to turn soft norms into hard law. [...]


Newsweek Christine Todd Whitman January 29, 2018 In every State of the Union, presidents talk about threats to the homeland. President Donald Trump certainly will. When he does, I hope he includes the threat that has been hanging over our heads for more than 15 years: deliberate or accidental releases of toxic chemicals that put nearly 180 million Americans is harm’s way every day. [...]

Sexual harassment seems to be deeply rooted within our culture, but women can change that

The Hill By Christine Todd Whitman December 12, 2017 Sadly, sexual harassment seems to be deeply rooted within our culture. While many industries have taken their turn to investigate and terminate their bad actors, the problem is particularly acute in media and politics. At its root, sexual harassment reflects a mindset of inequality — one that has colored the political world on both sides of the aisle. [...]

Ax Arctic National Wildlife drilling from budget bill: Christine Todd Whitman

lohud. By Christine Todd Whitman December 7, 2017 There are plenty of reasons to oppose the House and Senate “tax cut” proposals as currently configured — hundreds of thousands of families in the Northeast would actually see their taxes increase — but a little-known proposal tucked into the Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Budget Resolution should make the measure downright toxic to anyone who cares about honest government, long-established wildlife protections and common sense. [...]

The Environment

By Clayton Annis November 13, 2017 Written by my grandson, this piece shows that even a 12 year-old understands the importance of environmental protection. We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children...and they get it. [...]

Hunker down for future storms by investing beforehand

New York Daily News By Steve Bellone & Christine Todd Whitman October 29, 2017 This record-setting hurricane season has wrought heartbreaking havoc on coastal communities across the country. With 10 hurricanes in 10 weeks this summer alone — including two reaching Category 5 — we are witnessing a growing frequency and intensity of significant storm events. Each storm leaves unimaginable damage in its path, as our fellow Americans in Houston and Puerto Rico have witnessed firsthand. [...]

How Not to Run the E.P.A. 158

The New York Times By Christine Todd Whitman September 8, 2017 I have been worried about how the Environmental Protection Agency would be run ever since President Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, the former attorney general of Oklahoma, to oversee it. The past few months have confirmed my fears. The agency created by a Republican president 47 years ago to protect the environment and public health may end up doing neither under Mr. Pruitt’s direction. [...]

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