By Clayton Annis
November 13, 2017

Written by my grandson, this piece shows that even a 12 year-old understands the importance of environmental protection. We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children…and they get it.


Nature, the best thing in the world. It provides for us, nurtures us and gives life. But what do we give back? Death, pollution, and extinction. The world does not deserve this. We are the reason for the extinction of animals and for pollution and death of forests. We clear out trees for wood and paper, but every tree we uproot we lose clean air, animals and beauty. Nature, we take it for granted. What will happen when we run out of oil or natural gas or trees? Will we leave earth? Will we fix the problem? Or will we go on with our lives doing nothing but hurt the environment?

The water, the blood of everything. We need it for everything but what do we do? We pollute it. We kill whole species and animals that don’t deserve to die. All for the convenience of throwing something away and not have to deal with it. Oil spill kills thousands of animals. Why do people do nothing about it? But what happens if there is no more drinking water? What will we do if there is no fish or anything living in the ocean? We haven’t even explored half of it. We are throwing away a something that we need. Why?

The Earth, the body of life everything flourishes on it. Unless we but our waste there. Landfills and trash, when we throw something away, away is a place. Waste is a big problem, but we can fix it, one piece of plastic at a time. We can recycle and reuse. What happens if landfills are everywhere and maybe you have one outside your house. Disgusting right? We need the earth. Everything grows on it. Without it, we have no plants and animals, and nothing at all.

The sky gives us air and wind and rain and storms and clouds. greenhouse gasses and global warming haunt the skies if we don’t fix this problem the situation will just get worse. The people who think there is no global warming see what happens in the next 20 years it’s going to get hotter and hotter. The ice caps are going to keep melting and the ocean is going to rise islands and countries will be under water where will we move them? What will they do?

Humans, We find ways to help the environment only to cure the problems we already created. Everyone even me waste’s food but something that can be in the recycling in the trash we all do it and some people don’t want to try because they think one person can’t do enough but one person can make a difference we can change. A favorite quote of mine: “ If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” (Dalai Lama XIV).

Life, too quick to not take seriously: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look back once and awhile, you will miss it” (Ferris Bueller). You have one life cherish it make a difference because you can and you should. I am making a difference right now by writing this. Now, will you make a difference? Because you can.