By Christine Todd Whitman
May 28, 2019

I have not been one to call for the impeachment of the President. High crimes and misdemeanors is a high bar to reach and, brought forward prematurely, will just be dismissed as partisan, especially if there aren’t a substantial number of Republican votes. That may come with time, but the critical mass of evidence is not there to move the GOP side yet. Since the cabinet that remains is a group of sycophants, the 25th amendment will likely never be invoked. Given the increasingly erratic behavior of the President, however, something needs to be done and it falls to the Congress to do it.

Even more importantly, it falls to Republicans to stand up for the oath of office they took to uphold and defend the Constitution.

As President Trump increasingly usurps the powers of the legislative branch, it should be an opening for those who truly care about governing to stand up and be counted. As subpoena after subpoena is blocked or just ignored by the White House, the legitimacy of Congress’s oversight role is undermined.

When the President turns our investigative forces against themselves, he undermines public confidence in our institutions of government. When cabinet members are caught lying under oath – Ben Carson being just the most recent example – Congress is rendered impotent. If for no other reason, Republicans on the Hill need to stand up and support legitimate challenges to the President.

If all that weren’t enough, demeaning people and spreading false stories about opponents straight from the White House, should infuriate and deeply concern Members. That Rudy Giuliani retweeted the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi and other White House officials referenced it is terrifying. Republicans may not like her but, watch out, if you aren’t willing to sell your soul and your ethics to support the President, you may be next.

All this brings me back to impeachment. I’m still not convinced that this is the moment, but we may be getting there. I hope there are enough Republicans who will put our country ahead of the party to do what’s right now and in the days to come.

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography