By Christine Todd Whitman
July 10, 2017

Trump’s call to “let Obamacare fail” and the hint that he might help to make that happen is unconscionable. If the ACA is failing on its own, that is one thing, but to take an active hand in furthering that demise, while taking no leadership role in an alternative, is both mean spirited and immoral. Like it or not, millions get their coverage through ACA. The President of the United States cannot just walk away from them. He wanted this job, and now he must lead.

The uncertainty itself is creating massive issues in our health care system – insurance companies don’t know what to do and states are being thrown in to disarray as their budgets could be severely affected. The Republican failure to have worked through some of the genuinely tough choices and outlined a place for replacement after seven years of calling for repeal is bad enough. And now the President is blaming everyone else for the bill’s failure, despite Republicans controlling both Houses of Congress and the Presidency.

I respect the Republicans who are trying to find a consensus position – that cooperation and willingness to compromise has long been absent in Washington, and is desperately needed.

Mr. President, you wanted this job and now you have it. Now you must lead.